Deruta Home of the Beautiful Ceramics

fullsizeoutput_157c.jpegGrazzia is one best places to purchase high quality ceramics in Druta. We arrived during lunch and the owner took us on a tour of the factory. fullsizeoutput_f4c.jpegThe outside is a virtual musuem. It continues on the inside. DSC_0754.JPGDSC_0756.JPGThis is an amazing place. Each item is painted by hand.fullsizeoutput_1001.jpegThe design is painted by hand. fullsizeoutput_604.jpegEach item is unique.

fullsizeoutput_9f4d.jpegThe bottom of each creation tells that it come drom Deruta and is painted by hand.

DSC_0765.JPGHappy day, we made our purchase and had it shipped back to the USA.

Secolo means century in Italian.

fullsizeoutput_10b5.jpegThis is our order and purchasing documents. It all arrived home safely.

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