Month: November 2017


A salumeria is traditionally meat and sausages (salsiccia) are sold at the butcher and other meat products are sold at the salumeria. In more recent times, salumerie often sell various products including cheeses, eggs, pastas and ready-to-eat antipasti. These shops are spotless works of art! Amazing. Just like the Boars Head Provisions in the US, this little shop has it on the wall. Norcineriaviola in the Campo … Read More SALUMERIA AND OTHER FOOD BONANZAS

Crazy and Interesting Italian T Shirts

The crazy and  different Italian T Shirt  fad, During our seven week travel through Sicily and Italy it was impossible not  to see how many shops had T Shirts, but with English language text and a bit of profanity.  I amazed that anyone would really want to wear this, but they sell them. Some of the others were even more outlandish.   OK we … Read More Crazy and Interesting Italian T Shirts

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