Where was I?

Since the mid 1980s we have been traveling to Italy. The question become where was I. With GPS enabled photos, my aging memory is being helped by referring to the maps of places shows in Apple Photos.

Then map of Sicily is not complete as many photos were not geo tagged. But is does help bring back any memories. I wish I was able to record our trips from my GPS, but at the time this was not available. My wife and I have been traveling for the last month but we will e home soon and I can get back to the blog with a segment on the town we liked best in Italy.

Ciao,a presto.

Next trip to Italy: Cycling Bolzano to Venice

In late September I will be leaving to travel to Milano for 2 nights and then joining a bike tour that begins in Trento. A short train ride from Trento brings us to the starting point in Bolzano with views to the Dolomites and a bike path that follows the Adige River back to Trento. This is a protected path with great river views and mostly flat.

The next day the tour heads to Riva del Garda at the top of Italy’s amazing Lago di Garda. At that point we take the boat to Desenzano del Garda a town where Angela and I spent ten wonderful days exploring last year.

The next leg is a ride into Verona home of the Arena de Verona where the operas are performed each year. On to Vincenza traveling through the wine regions. Padova come next and then on to Mestre, which is just outside of Venezia. Since bikes and cars are not allowed in the city of Venice, we will use public transportation to visit the city.

I am really looking forward to this bike tour, plus I have two days to explore Milano.

The tram in Milano

The Rialto, VenziaLago di Garda

Desenzano del Garda

The Arena di Verona, Verona

Non vedo l’ora. I can not wait for this trip to begin. Will try to post each day when it begins.

Walking around Roma

Rome is a city best seen on foot. We enjoyed 18 days wandering around the city from our Airbnb on the edge of Campo Dei Fiore (Field of Flowers). Each day was a magical show of life as we navigated from neighborhood to neighborhood .

Here is a link to a quick video featuring Testaccio, Campo Dei Fiore, Castel Sant Angelo, and other points. Will be going through others and posting from my iPad while on vacation back in Connecticut, where you can get real pizza.


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