Mi Manca La Sicilia I miss Sicily

We understand that this year Italy and our favorite Sicily is out of the question. 2022 will be in our minds while we travel in a Camper Van where we can in the US. Waiting for time to pass

The ferry from Reggio Calabria to Messina Sicily

It started in 2001 when we made our third trip to Italy and Sicily. The goal in visiting Sicily was to discover relatives of Angela’s family.

The park in Melilli Sicily

This is where it all began. The park in Melilli,Sicily where Angela’s Family came from My wife knew that this was not a huge town and we might find some people at the park where we could get some information. We spoke only a few words of Italian at the time and now we are straining to get some information. One gentleman referred us to a man named Tommy. He had returned to his home town after retiring from a company in Connecticut ( that is where we are from). He referred us to the Girgenti family and arranged a meeting. We met and managed to communicate with help of Enza who spoke some English and Patrizia who also spoke some. We met Ludivico and his wife and we have kept in touch and visited for almost twenty years. This began our love affair with Sicily.

Sicily is sorounded by the sea.
A beach in Taoromina
Enjoying the beach in Milazzo, Sicily
St Sebastian Church, Melilli

St. Sebastian Church in Middletown CT was built to have the same appearance as the one in Melilli. Many residents or Melilli moved to Middletown CT over the years.

The residnets of Erice, a hill town nears Trapani, Sicily
Little angels in Erice for a festival.
The fish market in Catania, everything you could want.
Teenagers in Siracusa enjoying the sun.
A Sicilian Cart Wheel
Every day a wedding
Playing a song from the Godfather Siracuas.
the DUOMO in Cefalù, Sicily

So much more.Will continue with this post next time Ciao a tutti.

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