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La Canonica, Catania Sicily a great ristorante.

My wife Angela took this one at La Canonica in Catania Sicily.  Angela has a great eye for composition. My eye heads for food. Antapasti is my desire when we are in Italy. I can not remember how many times I have consumed Pasta Alla Norma. My favorite from Sicily. Egg plant ( melanazanie) and salted ricotta plus tomatoes and some spices make this … Read More La Canonica, Catania Sicily a great ristorante.

La bella lingua Learning Italian

Our first trip to Italy was without the benefit of any knowledge on my part of Italian. My wife with he Sicilian parents had a knowledge of some words and phrases.  I realized this was a disadvantage but not the end of the world.  So much English is spoken in Italy most people can get along. Most restaurants in the tourist areas have dual … Read More La bella lingua Learning Italian

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