Month: June 2017

Capo di Milazzo Hidden Treasure In Sicily

We first discovered Milazzo and Capo Milazzo in 2011. We arrived hoping to take the  ferry to the Aeolian Islands the next day.  Since our trip is spontaneous we were finding our lodging on a daily basis. This evening all hotels were booked. I continued to drive from Milazzo to  the the point which looked promising but we did not find anything. Like any good … Read More Capo di Milazzo Hidden Treasure In Sicily

La bella lingua Learning Italian

Our first trip to Italy was without the benefit of any knowledge on my part of Italian. My wife with he Sicilian parents had a knowledge of some words and phrases.  I realized this was a disadvantage but not the end of the world.  So much English is spoken in Italy most people can get along. Most restaurants in the tourist areas have dual … Read More La bella lingua Learning Italian

Hidden Gems: Milazzo and Capo Milazzo, Sicily

Almost by accident we found the gem of Capo Milazzo and its natural piscina while looking for a place to stay  before going to the Aeolian Islands just of the coast of Milazzo.  It’s striking beauty and amazing terrain made it irrestiable.  We continue to return here.  Lodging can be limited to try Airbnb or make hotel reservations in advance. Great town to walk … Read More Hidden Gems: Milazzo and Capo Milazzo, Sicily

16 Seconds in Motepulciano

A slow day, bells ringing. A cool September morning.Video, Slow Day in Montepulciano Testing links from my YouTube and Vimeo libraries. 


The Naples of Elena Ferrante

Naples is a frenetic city with an amazing charm.  I found this out the first time I drove in this city and did not speak any Italian. I jumped on the Tangenziale, Naples answer to the Long Island Expressway. Immediately I found I was in a war zone and in over my head. Slowing for an accident someone clipped my mirror and sped off. … Read More The Naples of Elena Ferrante


Some times just some photos say a lot.

St Peters A cat resting in an Amalfi store Capri, Faraglioni, the rocks that make the viewSeafood vendor in NapoliFruta in AmalfiVerona, the opera with the lighting of the candels prior to the performance Performance the the Opera House of VeronaSome locals having lunch in San Giovane in Fiore ( Calabria) Caserta, royal palace gardensSan Gorgio Maggiore, Vence Island from the bell tower Cheese (formaggio … Read More Some times just some photos say a lot.

The Doors Of Italy

From Sicily to the lakes. From Venice to Vernazza, the doors of Italy are always interesting. Some ornate, others plain. Run down. Beautiful.  Always they catch my eye.  A door in Verona. This was the door and an agritourisimo in Apulia. She was putting out the laundry in Sicily and gave me a wave. Our Airbnb in Montepulciano. Harmony BnB in Palermo.  Great place. … Read More The Doors Of Italy

Erice the villiage in the clouds –

Greg’s Italy   the web site I read a book several years back that described this ancient villiage high up on the coast overlooking Trapani and the salt flats.  I was intrgued  by the description of the fog rollsing in on a reguar basis.  I did ot have to wait long. It flowed through the town and then left as the sun came back out. … Read More Erice the villiage in the clouds –

Free Again, access unliminted travel videos. Get free travel maps.

Google and YouTube are my greatest allies in finding incredibly good videos for travel. On Youtube search for Rick Steves travel videos.  Over 100 are there. Many video Vlogs are also found. Some are excellent, so well not so good. It is worth the effort to search. I found many of markets in Rome had videos of excellent qualtiy which I enjoyed with my … Read More Free Again, access unliminted travel videos. Get free travel maps.

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