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Testaccio Market, Rome. Food, clothing, relaxation.

We strayed from our Campo dei Fiore market to seek out the Testaccio Market. It has moved from a covered stall environment to a new modern clean building. It proved to be a great day trip. Google maps gave us the correct bus line to make and after that is was a short walk.   This is a large comfortable space with many vendors, … Read More Testaccio Market, Rome. Food, clothing, relaxation.


At the beach La spiaggia 

Knowing that we would most likely be in an August heat wave, we have tried to stay  close to the water.  We are about 50 feet above the sea and 50 feet away. The views are stunning. Temps have been in the upper 80s and the sun is intense. Really intense. Fa caldo. This is the perfect spot for diving and snorkeling. When we … Read More At the beach La spiaggia 

Posting from my iPad.

The WordPress app for desktop computers does not like to work with my Apple Photos application.  I have found several workarounds for this, mainly by opening the Apple Mail app and starting a new message. I then open the media browser and select the album that has the photos for the post I am composing.  My photo library has over 30,000 images.   That … Read More Posting from my iPad.


Some times just some photos say a lot.

St Peters A cat resting in an Amalfi store Capri, Faraglioni, the rocks that make the viewSeafood vendor in NapoliFruta in AmalfiVerona, the opera with the lighting of the candels prior to the performance Performance the the Opera House of VeronaSome locals having lunch in San Giovane in Fiore ( Calabria) Caserta, royal palace gardensSan Gorgio Maggiore, Vence Island from the bell tower Cheese (formaggio … Read More Some times just some photos say a lot.

The Doors Of Italy

From Sicily to the lakes. From Venice to Vernazza, the doors of Italy are always interesting. Some ornate, others plain. Run down. Beautiful.  Always they catch my eye.  A door in Verona. This was the door and an agritourisimo in Apulia. She was putting out the laundry in Sicily and gave me a wave. Our Airbnb in Montepulciano. Harmony BnB in Palermo.  Great place. … Read More The Doors Of Italy

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