At the beach La spiaggia 

Knowing that we would most likely be in an August heat wave, we have tried to stay  close to the water. 

We are about 50 feet above the sea and 50 feet away. The views are stunning. Temps have been in the upper 80s and the sun is intense. Really intense. Fa caldo.

This is the perfect spot for diving and snorkeling. When we were in the water yesterday small fish kept checking out our legs.

Access to the beach is free, but if you wish the comforts on a lounge chair, and umbrella you must pay. In this case it was 25 euro for the day, and well worth it. Today we will bring an umbrella from our apartment and give it a try on the cheap side. Means no fresh water shower and sitting on the rocky shore on a borrowed towel. We will see. The water is so clear you can see the bottom  in 6 ft depths.  Fish swim by and not plastic or pollution is in evidence. A note about the beach lounge chairs. They are far superior to the ones found in the US. If you wish to lean back, there is a line with a hook that releases the chair to find a comfortable position. What I really like is the folding sun screen to keep the sun our of your face. Wish they were available in Florida. 

Some scenes from last night as the sun set.

I love the middle photo my wife took took through the window last night.

Below shows where we are in relation to the town of Siracusa in Sicily. 

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  1. Hello Angela and Greg, wow it looks so beautiful there. I can see you both just lounging on the beach getting zapped with high intensity sun rays. Of course, you know me and I will be more than very interested in all the food that you sampled there. We’re sitting in the San Diego airport right now waiting for our flight back to Orlando. I got to spend time with my brother who is aged 91 and our son, somewhat younger, and some dear friends that we stayed with. Before we came here we remembered vaguely that the traffic is terrible but it was still a shock. I personally will be quite happy to get back to quiet Vero and our home. Perhaps in the course of my increasing years I have become less adventurous and more inclined towards comfort. What a wuss! Thank you so much for the pictures of the area around you. We love travel pictures. Send as many as you can.


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