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At the beach La spiaggia 

Knowing that we would most likely be in an August heat wave, we have tried to stay  close to the water.  We are about 50 feet above the sea and 50 feet away. The views are stunning. Temps have been in the upper 80s and the sun is intense. Really intense. Fa caldo. This is the perfect spot for diving and snorkeling. When we … Read More At the beach La spiaggia 

The money saving word of the day Ridotto

OK this is to all you seniors out there.  In the past senior discounts were restricted to EU residents.  Recently more places are extending the discounts to everyone.  It never hurts to ask, may not work in the Uffizi or other major attractions. Worked in Castelbuono, and in Tindari both in Sicily.   Text from my UltraLingua dictionary.

Into the Heart of Sicily by Julien Zolli

Here is another video by Julien Zolli. He capture the sights, sounds and tastes of Sicily. From cities to tiny villages, Sicily never fails to charm a traveler. The beaches help one escape the heat that has plagued Europe this year.  If you visit, renting a car is the best way to get around. The roads are good and the views are amazing. The … Read More Into the Heart of Sicily by Julien Zolli


Some times just some photos say a lot.

St Peters A cat resting in an Amalfi store Capri, Faraglioni, the rocks that make the viewSeafood vendor in NapoliFruta in AmalfiVerona, the opera with the lighting of the candels prior to the performance Performance the the Opera House of VeronaSome locals having lunch in San Giovane in Fiore ( Calabria) Caserta, royal palace gardensSan Gorgio Maggiore, Vence Island from the bell tower Cheese (formaggio … Read More Some times just some photos say a lot.

Erice the villiage in the clouds –

Greg’s Italy   the web site I read a book several years back that described this ancient villiage high up on the coast overlooking Trapani and the salt flats.  I was intrgued  by the description of the fog rollsing in on a reguar basis.  I did ot have to wait long. It flowed through the town and then left as the sun came back out. … Read More Erice the villiage in the clouds –

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