Osteria da Mariano, Siracusa Sicily

Ristorante da Mariano in Siracusa is a small space with all the right things. A short walk from the center of Siracusa or the waterfront this is where you can find local Sicilian cooking. DSC04838

I first went there in 2014 and came back again 2017. Same great food and excellent service. If you are in Siracusa, you will enjoy this restaurant.   

Here are some photos which I hope do the restaurant justice. The osteria is less formal than the ristorante, but with excellent local specialties. 


The appetizer went quickly.











DSC04859I poured another carafe of the house red. Delicious.

Here is a Yelp review with the address


Buon appetito.


Oh yes do not forget the docle. 

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  1. Hi Greg,
    Two weeks from today we’ll be in Cefalu Sicily. We’ll be there for three weeks. And we can’t wait to get there!


  2. After you get your fill of the beaches, head over to Castelo Buono for an interesting change of pace. Not a big town, but full of interesting sights, especially the castle which is a museum. If you dare, drive to Gangi to see where the real estate 1 Euro home craze started. It is nicknamed “La Citta di Arte”. If you have a car, free parking is available in the port if Cefalú across from the restaurant. Parking can run 5-10 Euros per day at the lots in town.

    Locally the Duomo and la rocca are must-see attractions.

    Buon viaggio.


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