Month: May 2017

Italian TV on the web. FREE

It is possible to view many  of the Italian TV shows for free. Although RAI blocks direct views on most channels, you can get an amazing number on line from the following web site: FreeIntgerTV dot com is easy to use.   Go to the web site and  choose the types of shows you would like to search for. It can mover many … Read More Italian TV on the web. FREE

Deruta Home of the Beautiful Ceramics

Grazzia is one best places to purchase high quality ceramics in Druta. We arrived during lunch and the owner took us on a tour of the factory. The outside is a virtual musuem. It continues on the inside. This is an amazing place. Each item is painted by hand.The design is painted by hand. Each item is unique. The bottom of each creation tells that it come … Read More Deruta Home of the Beautiful Ceramics

Navigating on your trip to Italty

Getting from one place to another in a foreign country, and even here in the USA can be a challenge.  On our first trips we had THE MAP OF ITALY. It was a big as a kitchen table, and once unfolded, it never returned to the same size nor appearance. I thought I had the answer when I purchased a TomTom GPS and it … Read More Navigating on your trip to Italty

Airbnb Montepulciano and Orvieto, Italy

We had a wonderful time at the Airbnb lodgings through out Toscana. Each one was unique in its own way. My wife and I would return to each place we stayed with no  reservations. Do your research, look at the reviews.  Smoking or non smoking, air conditioning, kitchen, etc.  Read all the reviews.  New listing may not have a review, it could be a … Read More Airbnb Montepulciano and Orvieto, Italy

More Air BnB Sienna, Tuscany

Our Air BnB in Sienna. This was an amazing place in the country about 2 miles from the center of Sienna. This Air BnB had a pool and a wonderful view. The surrounding countryside was beautiful. Our room was spacious, This is a view from the garden next to several rooms. We were free to get tomatoes, basil, etc so we could make salads.  The … Read More More Air BnB Sienna, Tuscany

Air BnB

You get a different experienced when you stay at an Air BnB lodging in Italy. Combining apartments, agriturisimos, and just a bedroom in a home one feels in touch with the real Italian life style.  Our first stop was in Florence.  It was on the 2nd floor which really means the third floor but easy yer heck.  We only made the trip once a … Read More Air BnB

Coming very shortly, traveling in Italy with Air BnB

We have enjoyed staying at various Air BnB locations across Tuscany and Umbria. Each one was great and I will finish up[ a review very shortly.Montepulciano, a nice Air BnB just a short walk or drive to town.   Olive trees, a pool, fresh eggs from the chickens in the back and a great host.  

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