Airbnb Montepulciano and Orvieto, Italy

We had a wonderful time at the Airbnb lodgings through out Toscana. Each one was unique in its own way. My wife and I would return to each place we stayed with no  reservations. Do your research, look at the reviews.  Smoking or non smoking, air conditioning, kitchen, etc.  Read all the reviews.  New listing may not have a review, it could be a crap shoot so look at the description throughly.


Our dinner on the table in Montepulciano.IMG_0630.JPG

Our bedroom in Montepulciano. Door led outside to sitting area. Above was a full kitchen and living room. IMG_0729.JPGOrvieto provided us with a small efficiency apartment with a fireplace.  There was a pool and many gardens to stroll through.  It was quick ride to finiculare with free parking to go to the centro. IMG_7236.JPGThis was the Airbnb lodging in Orvieto. Breakfast was served every morning with an amazing selection of foods.  IMG_7142.JPGIt is impossible to start the day with out cafe. Espresso and cappuccino fantasticoIMG_0760.JPG

The duomo in Orvieto  AMAZING.

For more information, check out

Wikipedia link to duomo in Orvieto



The town of Orvieto from a distance. It sits high up on a hill.

I highly recommend Airbnb for lodging. None of the places we have visited had been disappointing. Give it a try, read the reviews. Look at the map locations. In Italy free parking is a bonus and not always available in major cities, or even smaller ones.  Do your research you will be rewarded.

The next post will be on navigating through Italy


6 minutes it said, but after making so many wrong turns while trying to read road signs, it became a half hour. 

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