Navigating on your trip to Italty


Getting from one place to another in a foreign country, and even here in the USA can be a challenge.  On our first trips we had THE MAP OF ITALY. It was a big as a kitchen table, and once unfolded, it never returned to the same size nor appearance.

I thought I had the answer when I purchased a TomTom GPS and it had all of western Europe on a built in hard drive.  As we pulled out of the airport in Roma, I turned it on ready to set my destination and all I got was a satellite view of the world.  It took a week before I found that I needed to go to settings and change the map.  Those days are long gone and dedicated GPS or the APS for your phone are much easier to use.

I like the advance planning ability to set up a route before you leave for a trip. fullsizeoutput_d368.jpeg

Above are the screen shots from the TomTom western Europe  APP.  It shows the instructions as well as a map of the entire route. This come in handy, as on occasion turns come quickly and can be a sharp right or left. fullsizeoutput_bcb4.jpeg

On the way to Cortona ( Under the Tuscan Sun) we came upon a bunch of switchbacks. This is common with the hills in Italy.   But when you get there it is always worth the trip.



Bella Italia!!!


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