Air BnB

You get a different experienced when you stay at an Air BnB lodging in Italy. Combining apartments, agriturisimos, and just a bedroom in a home one feels in touch with the real Italian life style.  Our first stop was in Florence.  It was on the 2nd floor which really means the third floor but easy yer heck.  We only made the trip once a day so we could live with it. It consisted of a bed and bath and access to a small kitchen. Our hosts were gracious and the location was in the Oltrano section of Florence.  The room was clean and comfortable. Air conditioning worked and it was very quiet. We were able to park our car across the street. It cost 10 euro a day with the coupon provided by our hosts.  This is a bargain in the city. 

Each day we walked across the Arno into the heart of Florence.  In our neighborhood there were grocery stores, pharmacies and some nice restaurants.  It took about ten minutes to get into town and the walk was pleasant. For value it was great The cost for three nights came to $ 326.  I consider this a bargain.

The next post will feature Sienna in which we stayed in a small BnB just outside of town. 

Each morning we walked the 100 fee to for coffe in this little bar.  After a few days they knew what we ordered and as soon as we  arrived they brought out our order.

  • Across the street a flower vendor get ready to begin the day. These three wheeled trucks called Ape (bee) are ubiquitous in Italy and work well in the narrow streets.

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