The road to Hell, or we made it from Castelbuono to Gangi and back alive.

I have been driving in Italy since 2001. Each time we go back I forget what is can be like. I have lost mirrors in Palermo and Napoli. Been backed into by a young driver in Agrigento. Twice driven the Amalfi coast which is  a piece of cake compared to driving from Castelbuono to Gangi.  These GPS screenshots do not give you the true picture. For each 180 degree turn, it seems to have been followed by another 180 degree turn. Some times the turn was so tight, that 10 mph was too fast.  We watched as cars crossed the centerline and came at us only to pull back to their side. This definitely was more than I hoped for.
The GSP said the 19 miles would take 1 hour. I took 1.5 hours. The 5 speed transmission only needed three speeds.  That said, Gangi was worth the trip. It is the town  that was selling homes for  1 Euro to attract residents back in. It has been quite successful and many homes have been renovated and more are in progress.  Search The NY Times air the Telegram for more info. 
It is high up on a hill and it is a challening drive. But if you can make the trip it is worth it.

​I think you would appreciate this city of art and restoration.
Ciao a tutti. 

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  1. Question: so I am guessing the drive to Gangi is a bit hair-raising? Did you use a manual transmision vehicle, and did you have any problems, stalling, steep inclines, etc? planning on driving from Cefalu to Gangi this month in a rental car


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