A Short Cruise To The Aeolian Islands From Milazzo Sicily

This is a short video of our day trip to Lipari and Vulcano.   We were staying in Milazzo, a beautiful town in itself.   The day trip well worth it. 



Aeolian Island Trip From Milazzo Sicily from Greg Speck on Vimeo.




2 thoughts on “A Short Cruise To The Aeolian Islands From Milazzo Sicily

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  1. Hi Greg my wife and I have enjoyed your blog for the last year or so. We enjoy going to Italy especially Sicily. My wife has family in Bonn Petro Sicily a little town called Locati we’ve been there and visited her grandfather’s Forge. Will be going to Cefalu for the 4th time next year for a month.
    Last year we were lucky to acquire a Piaggio Ape Vespacar 1982. It’s like driving a little Italy evertime we drive it.
    Keep up the great read!
    Ciao for now


    1. Grazie! My wifes family is from Melilli, a small town near Siracusa. In 2001 we went to the park next to the Cathederal of San Sebastiano. My felt this was the way to try to find her relatives. To make a long story short, we found a man who was from Connecticut ( same as we were at the time). We talked for quite a bit and then he contacted a person whom he belived was related to my wifes family. It turned out to be the beginning of a long term relationshjip. My wife Angela has always wanted an Ape.


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