Our next trip to Italy will last 30 days and cover a lot of area

il prossimo viaggio in Italia our next trip to Italy.

In addition to the places on the map, we will travel from Treviso to Roma where we will spend 10 days. Our plans include arriving on 20 September when temperatures have moderated. September and October are comfortable times to be in Italy. Of course, airfare is much lower in these months and places are less crowded.

Milan is a wonderful city to visit and easy to get around with buses, subways, and trams all over. Google maps works were well with mass transit. Gives numbers, and times. Can not travel without it.

More to follow in next post.

3 thoughts on “Our next trip to Italy will last 30 days and cover a lot of area

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    1. The trip will bring us to Treviso and the 10 days in Roma. Have an apartment in Campo dei Fiori near where we stayed three years ago. Most of our stays will be in Airbnb locations. Have had very good luck with them.

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  1. The weather has been wonderful in the north. We are here in Verona now until beginning of November. We are using Verona as a base to further investigate the northern part of Italy. Our year is winding down… ouritalianjourney.com

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